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Pioneering a New Era in Climate Tech & Blockchain Integration

Lympha has the mission of creating a tech-driven private fixed income ecosystem able to finance the removal and recycling of 100 Megaton of CO2 emissions by 2035

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Despite efforts to reduce emissions, global initiatives outlined in COP agreements are falling short of temperature control targets. Lympha aims to accelerate progress by pioneering carbon removal technologies, leveraging a unique hybrid structure that blends Web3 innovation with a US limited liability company. This setup allows Lympha to support large-scale development while complying with US securities regulations. Creating a CO2-based circular economy is pivotal for rapid decarbonization, enabling the production of renewable fuels and materials. 


To forge this new economy, a synergy of entrepreneurial spirit, scientific breakthroughs, corporate partnerships, and innovative financial mechanisms is crucial. We believe it is critical to leverage private capital markets while creating a framework for enhanced transparency, quantifiable results, and standardized auditing of the generated credits. 


Our approach is focused on extending non-dilutive financing to CCU enterprises/projects and utilizing blockchain technology for the authentication and distribution of high-quality carbon credits. 


We already have several LOIs in place with carbon removal/conversion projects and are in the process of adding another dozen. Additionally, we are integrating with Puro Earth for carbon credits validation and with Bezero for credit rating.



Direct Impact Investment: Investors support projects with a tangible impact on CO2 emission reduction.

Equity in Green Tech: Opportunity to generate returns from the growing green economy.

Carbon Credits Acquisition: Acquire carbon credits for offsetting their carbon footprint or monetizing them through Lympha’s portfolio management.

Enhanced Liquidity: The token asset and/or the carbon credits are exchangeable, providing early liquidity, a significant advantage over traditional long-horizon investments.

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CCU Ecosystem

Non-Dilutive Capital Access: Creating a new financial ecosystem offering non-dilutive capital, directly linked to the technological capability for large-scale CO2 removal.


Technological Acceleration: Significantly speeds up the scaling of currently underfunded but crucial technologies for the 2050 Net Zero Emission Goal.


Project Expansion: Facilitates a substantial increase in the number of large-scale CCU projects that can be funded and operational by 2030, enabling them to issue carbon credits for further expansion.

Investment Focus

Lympha is uniquely focused on supporting the rise of a circular carbon economy

CCU Technologies
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CCU Technologies

Past demonstration phase, ready to scale and support the recycling of CO2transforming it into a feedstock for the production of sustainable aviation fuel, renewable fuels, construction materials and others

Support of CCU expansion
0 %

Support of CCU expansion

Technologies approaching demonstration phase in areas such as solar-to-fuel, Plasma for CO2 conversion, Emerging DAC and DOC, Innovative capture suitable for industrial plants and heavy-duty transport mechanisms, Advanced material sciences


A team of experts in Finance, Big Data, and Web3 Technologies, complemented by an exceptional group of advisors spanning Cleantech, Science, Risk Management, and Legal domains.



Founding Partner


Founding Partner


Founding Partner

Nathan Lewis
Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board
Zoe Markwick


Yulia Pushkar
Scientific Advisory Board Member
Gabriele Franceschini
Fundraising and Deal Flow


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